Eisenhower SARP fellows 2012 with Henry Kissinger
At Steve Clemons talk in Philadelphia
With President of Eisenhower fellowships John Wolf
At Eisenhower Sessions In Philadelphia
The Eisenhower Fellows 2012
Andrew, Nik & Shivnath
Shivnath at FIBAC 2012
Shivnath at FIBAC 2012

About Shivnath

Shivnath Thukral is the Group President, Corporate Branding & Strategic Initiatives at the Essar Group. He is responsible for all strategic image-building and marketing initiatives undertaken by the Essar Group as it continues to globalize and expand. Shivnath is the key link for the group to put together a marketing strategy and ideal positioning with key investors, internal & external stakeholders as well as the public at large. Shivnath works directly with the promoters & CEOs of all Essar group companies to reinforce Essar’s brand and the group’s ethos in all their initiatives across businesses and geographies.
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Shivnath Thukral has been selected from among 50 individuals globally, for this year’s Eisenhower Fellowships program. While on fellowship in the US, Shivnath will explore the changing relationship between civil society groups, businesses and government as India shifts towards greater transparency, understand the legal framework of lobbying groups, and explore social media’s influence on policy making.

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